The next big anti-ager?

Kim Kardashian buys the rights to ‘organic botulinum toxin’ “It’s reported that Kardashian is a fan of the organic botulinum toxin gel. The transparent gel – which is applied topically – claims to smooth wrinkles within an hour. Although the immediate smoothing effects only last up to day, the wrinkle-reducing effects are claimed to be cumulative, smoothing […]

Biotulin is Kajol’s beauty secret – no Botulinum Toxin!

Bollywood: Kajol´s Beauty Secret: Organic Botulinum Toxin Biotulin is Kajol’s beauty secret – no botulinum toxin! In an interview with the lifestyle magazine “celebrities”, Bollywood star Kajol reveals her beauty secret. Excerpt from the interview: “I am often asked about my beautiful skin and people want to know why my complexion is so smooth. Unfortunately […]