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Hautsache glatt – Laura Nr. 13 vom 22. März 2017

Die neuen Anti-Aging-Methoden
Die neuen Anti-Aging-Methoden: Faltenbehandlung ganz ohne das funktioniert! Ob Hightech- Creme, Laser oder Fadenlifting: Das sind die neuesten Trends Skalpell

Die Frauenzeitschrift Laura schreibt in ihrer aktuellen Ausgabe Nr. 13 vom 22.03.2017

Faltenbehandlung ganz ohne Skalpell – das funktioniert!

Jetzt heißt es cremen, statt zu spritzen! Denn anders als bei Botulinum Toxin-Injektionen wird das pfanzliche Gel lediglich in die Hautoberfäche massiert und wirkt dort wie ein Lokal- anästhetikum – und das fast sofort! ….Auch viele Promis schwören auf das faltenreduzierende Gel: Sowohl Herzogin Kate als auch Pop-Queen Madonna sind bekennende Fans des „pfanzlichen Botulinum Toxin“.


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Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel (15ml**) & SkinRoller

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Less wrinkles and a visibly younger look within 60 minutes !

Biotulin gel is incredibly economical – only a small amount is needed. Apply a small drop of Biotulin gel evenly on the face and neck area and massage gently into the skin. Skin is visibly firmer after just one hour, and this will last for up to 24 hours. Use Biotulin gel before applying your daily skincare products.

During cosmetic Biotulin micro-needling, the skin is treated with the Biotulin SkinRoller. The roller tips stimulate certain receptors in the skin when they penetrate into the top layer of skin, the epidermis. This stimulates the increase in collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid generation. These factors are essential for the elasticity and strength of the connective tissue. As a result, the skin appears firmer, younger, and fresher after just one application.

The decisive factor in the cosmetic use of Biotulin SkinRollers is the skin’s capacity to absorb Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel. Biotulin removes wrinkles in just one hour. The gel penetrates deeper into the tissue to multiply its wrinkle-reducing effect.

The interplay of Biotulin SkinRoller with the Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel is crucial for younger and fresher-looking skin that’s free of lines.

The Biotulin® SkinRoller can not be purchased separately. It is only available in the original Biotulin MicroSkin BeautySystem.

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*Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel 100ml, 333,27 € / Daynite24+ 100ml, 138,00 € / UV30 Daily Skin Protection Creme 100ml, 175,55 €

ageless cream for all skin types