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Holy City of Tibet

Holy City of Tibet

Many people consider Tibet as the sacred land of legends and profound mystery occupied by hospitable inhabitants. For centuries now, the land continues to attract different types of people, from curious tourists, mystics, geographers and scholars from all races. Although extremely isolated, a lot of people gravitate to this place to witness its ageless beauty, rich heritage and magnificent landscapes.

The country’s capital is Lhasa, which is also known as the holy city of Tibet. Lhasa which literally means “the land of the gods” or “holy place” is home to the world’s most opulent religious relics. The majority of Buddhist monasteries of Tibet can be found in Lhasa. One of its famous landmarks is the13 storey Potola Palace that has 1000 rooms and was one of the Dalai Lama’s winter residences. This architectural wonder actually took 50 years to build on top of Red Hill and rises 300 meters above the base of the valley. The beloved shrine is now a state museum that houses 35 monks.

Another tourist attraction of the holy city of Tibet is the Ganden Monastery, located in Tagtse County. It is mainly an assembly hall, and also serves as the lodging house for the monks. It is among the Three Great Temples of Gelugpa. The monastery houses many great relics, which dates back as far as the Ming Dynasty. Among the famous ancient pieces are a armor suit presented by the Emperor Qian Long. During the Cultural Revolution, Ganden Monastery was practically reduced to ruins but is now slowly rebuilt through the monks’ private funds.

At the very heart of the holy city of Tibet is the old Barkhor Street that surrounds the temple of Jokhang. The streets are the market center that sells local wares which includes artifacts, silks and furs. Years ago, due to the incessant battle between two religions, Buddhism and Bon, the city’s fortune fell soon after the death of King Songsten Gampo.

Today, modern holy city of Tibet is yet to develop into a highly urbanized city, where a total of 474, 500 people coexist harmoniously under the religion of Buddhism. Aptly described as “The Last Pure Land of the World and the Extant Paradise”, people from all over the world are in awe with the sheer beauty of the land. Walking along its antique streets and soaking in exotic customs can truly do wonders in relaxing a person’s weary spirits. You can see pilgrims from the world over walking slowly around the Jokhang Temple. Many tourists are attracted to the peacefulness of the place.

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